5 Habits to Boost Productivity


An important question that tends to enters all our minds at some point is, “How can I be more productive?” While we may try to make small changes to our routine, I think the key to a productive life lies in changing our habits.  Here are five things I think we can all do to jumpstart our lives to achieve what we want to achieve.

1) Plan your day ahead.

Developing a habit of preplanning your day or week can go a long way in boosting your productivity. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche said that, “One moment of mindfulness can save us thousands of moments in the future”.

Spend 5–10 minutes in the morning or the night before writing down what you want to achieve you the next day. Rank them by importance so that you where you need to focus your attention and when. Try to make these goals as specific as possible so you have more to act on.

2) Have Breakfast!

Breakfast is something we can very easily overlook in the morning. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a proper meal in the morning will give you much needed energy to operate at your best in the early hours of the day. This is better than powering through on an empty stomach while waiting for lunch!

It’s also important to keep hydrated throughout the day – and especially so in the morning. Water helps our brain run at its best, and we want to start the day with a bang.

Even if this means waking up a little earlier, having breakfast is crucial for our productivity.

3) Exercise!

Exercise is an important part of a healthy and productive lifestyle. Exercise can help to reduce the stress that we have built up, leaving us in a better mood to do the things that matter to us.

Daily exercise also leaves us feeling energised and focused. The National Academy of Sports Medicine said,“Regular physical activity increases the blood flow to your body and improves your cardiovascular health and fitness. This will allow more blood and oxygen to get to the body providing energy to do work.”

Aim to do a workout in the mornings rather than the evenings, to make sure the activity spike does not interfere with your sleep time. But as long as exercise is part of your routine, it will have massive benefits.

4) Get a good night’s sleep

Studies have shown that sleep is linked to productivity and procrastination. We all know from experience that, when we get little sleep one night, we have no motivation to do anything the next morning.

Rather than relying on caffeine in the morning to give us a surge, keep an eye on how much sleep you need and aim to always get that amount. It’s recommended to get 7.5 hours of sleep a day, but work to your own body and how much it needs.

Then plan when you need to go to sleep and wake up, and keep those times consistent. Our body’s internal body clock tends to work at its best when it’s regulated.

5) Stimulate your brain

In the morning we feel pretty groggy and tired upon waking up. Having some activity in the morning that engages your brain can turn on the ignition and ease you into your day.

Listen to a podcast, read one of your favourite blogs or look through the news, whatever engages you. This will prime your brain for the day and help make it a productive one.

Ending thoughts….

I read in the Bhagavad Gita that the mind can be restless, turbulent and to subdue it can be more difficult than controlling the wind. But if you implement these small habits into your daily life it will have a massive impact on your productivity. As they say, many drops form an ocean.

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